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Official rule book of KidsChat!
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KidsChat Rulebook

KC-1 For users 13 to 19. If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed to use this website. If you refuse to tell a Moderator your age if asked, you will be removed from the room.

KC-2 Speak English in the chat at all times. Also, use English in all moods and profiles. Foreign characters may be used in usernames, however if it is found to be vulgar or inappropriate you will be asked to change it and if it comes to it, removed.

KC-3 Do not commit any spamming, flooding in the chat or in any PM's.

KC-4 Do not make any serious accusations that are not able to be verified by the accuser at the time they are made.

KC-5 Do not post content of a sexual nature whether it be in video or image form, this includes any YouT.ube videos that fall under this statute.

KC-6 Do not post or request any social media on the main chat nor in profiles, moods or PM's (Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, whereby, etc, nor abbreviations or any variation of same)

KC-7 Do not post personal information of any kind about other users.

KC-8 Do not ask for ages below 13 unless you are in fact below 13 nor ask for ages above the limit of 19 otherwise action could be taken in both cases. If you try to sneak by saying "Looking to talk to girl/guy below 15" then you will be considered as asking for ages from 14 and below thus breaking this rule. The same goes for those asking for "Older" you will be considered as asking for users over the age of 19 thus breaking this rule, suggestion is that you be very specific in the ages you are looking to chat with otherwise you could get kicked or banned.

KC-9 Do not use any blackmailing tactics or bodily injury/Death threats.

KC-10 Do not make any hacking threats against the site or any other person. This would include posting any sort of IP grabbing links.

KC-11 Do not talk about self-harm (Example: cutting) Or use any self-harm pfp/avatar.

KC-12 Do not post any graphic (Real) images of Death, Gore, Scat, Golden Showers

KC-13 Do not have any name that has the word Babysitting, Babysitter or any form of nor speak of anything about babysitting in the chat. (many overage users use that tactic to get a conversation started about underage)

KC-14 Do not practice any type of fetish, for example, Master, Mistress, Slave, Sub lifestyle, scat(Poop) or anything involving urine(Pee), fecal matter(Poop), semen(Male sexual fluid). Diaper fetish including pull-ups, sexual fetishes such as BDSM or anything equivalent, this includes all names and images/pfp's and videos, if it seems strange then leave it out of the chat!

KC-15 Do not Mention trading/sharing software such as Megalink or Dropbox or any link/image sharing of any kind.

KC-16 If you seriously represent yourself as Police, FBI, CIA, Interpol you will be considered overage and removed from the room!

KC-17 Do not post your own or share any other person's phone number or ask anyone to call or text you!

KC-18 Do not ask users to cam/Video chat with you, if you do you could be removed from the chatroom by a moderator.

KC-19 Do not give out your address or any personal information about yourself which could lead to undesirables finding out things about you which could endanger your personal welfare.

KC-20 Limited swearing is now allowed, (But overuse can still result in moderators taking action)You cannot bypass the censored word list if you do moderators can take action!

KC-21 Use of any derogatory terms will not be tolerated!

KC-22 Racist language is prohibited, also any type of racist images in pfps/avatars.

KC-23 Do not post any homophobic, transphobic, or sexist language.

KC-24 Do not post anything gang-related, either in text or in images (Including pfp/avatar) or videos (Do not place anything gang-related in your profile or your mood)

KC-25 Do not commit or partake in cyberbullying of any kind.

KC-26 Anything deemed hate speech against race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity will be considered a reason to have you removed from the chat!

KC-27 Do not post external links, this especially includes any links to any rival chat sites. you-tube is the exception.

KC-28 Do not use sexually suggestive usernames or photos as your pfp/avatar or any photos from any po.rn sites! (Examples would be: nude photo's of any kind/male or female, and photos of people in their underwear).

KC-29 Do not use family names in your chat name such as mom/mother/dad/father/brother/sister/uncle/aunt.

KC-30 No posting about Inc.est, Bestiality, Necrophilia, BDSM or any other deviant sexual practice!

KC-31 Cloning anyone's account is not permitted. This will call for you to be removed instantly.

KC-32 Do NOT harass users in any way in PM. (If they say stop and you do not and are reported using a screenshot, you will be removed from the room)

KC-33 Do not use images in pfp's/avatar's nor background images involving real weapons such as Guns-Knives

KC-34 Do not use any images in pfp's/avatars that are considered to be antisemitic or racist in nature, Examples would be: The Swastika and the Stars and Bars Confederate flag.

KC-35 There will be no more "Mini-Modding" allowed. If you have something legitimate to report then do so using the flag reports system if you have additional material such as a screenshot link then please send it to the proper moderator or admin.

KC-36 All font types must be legible to the staff if they are not one could then be muted/kicked or even banned! If asked to change a font because of this issue and the user refuses then the punishment will take place!

KC-37 Any talk of Meetups, Hookups or any asking for any meeting in person is strictly forbidden (That is just an extremely dangerous practice)

KC-38 Do not talk of modeling or ask if anyone is interested in modeling or portray yourself as some modeling agent, doing so will get you max kicked and banned!

KC-39 The use of a VPN or anything used to change your IP address is not permitted and will result in being removed from the chat room!

KC-40 Any mass targeting of moderators for any reason relating to an action made by said moderator in which you disagree with will result in action being taken against you. If you have an issue about a kick made you can PM me on forums.

KC-41 Promoting of camera streaming websites will get you kicked then continued as a ban! This includes unofficial softwares, websites and such. Even using these terms will result instant ban.

>> If you would need to send a screenshot to any Moderator/Admin here are a couple easy free programs to help to create one: Windows Snipping Tool. You could download an easy app like Lightshot for both PC and Mac or you could simply just use your keyboard Examples: 8 Ways to capture screenshots on a PC

Once you have taken the screenshot, upload it to a site that hosts images (There are many free ones) after it uploads the site will provide a link which you can then share with a Moderator or Admin in PM. Please refrain from posting it into the main chat
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