Sad thing happened to me a while ago and I'm still sad about it :( Ways to cope?


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So I loved the kids' choice awards this year. It had a Kamala Harris cameo, a Justin Bieber performance, and a mashup performance by the network's young stars of the past year's greatest hits! Sadly, Shiloh Nelson, who voices my best pal Keia, only made a non-speaking cameo in the virtual audience, which made me slightly sad. I messaged for a voice message from Shiloh as Keia on IG, but got not reply. Then, a few days after the show aired, I received the RUDEST email one could possibly think of (not affiliated with Shiloh). If I didn't tell you I almost cried, I'd be lying. I hope this man realizes how ignorant it was of him to do this, making an already sad person feel worse :'( I'm hoping that this year's KCAs have something happy follow them :'(