hey can someone "expose my ip" and location :) I want people to find me tsk tsk tsk :) I know you do Holland :) your special spotlight is here!

also hey bittt ch <3
reason: troll
XD that reason is soft, but public Ip address doesn't do anything.
So where you at girly girl.
also, please take your meds <3 24 hours send it here publicly <3 if not you are fake.
and lol we are on the internet. every website we got on have ip logged.
xd and I got your ip too <3 ugh, thats why its called public ip <3 come on daddy <3 lmao imagine taking my words seriously about "daddy" obviously a joke. Well, time is ticking :> and oh probably you are going to say, "nobody cares" yeah you are right, so who cares my about my ip? lol, if they want to find me let them call me or my father :> I know you don't work for law enforcement cause the government watching over you XD. Also, :> I believe this chat is becoming a ego place lol with copies of you or your little boyfriend. :> Like children mutiplying with similar delusional/autistic interpretations and anger issues. Oh, plus do you understand this blah blah blah? And I bet you won't post my IP here, but I'm waiting for your guts to do it. Goodnight :)
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And also, I'm not insane. I'm spitting facts, giving people chances, and watching on how you act, "oh my great godness!" (correction goodness) which is "absolutely insane"childish behavior. You are acting like someone jumped off a bridge, lmfao.
Also, I’ve been waiting for this to happen, but actually have not. I have all the old pictures just like this. And if you delete or close this thread it’s already to late. I’ve recorded the whole thing.

Plus, you have given your personal emails.

And one thing if you don’t remember you created this for me. I still keep the good stuff, but this site is based on finding peoples IP, accusations, and nerdy characteristics of people. Honestly, that place is for freaks. And I heard @Crit1kalD4Ta got banned for being a, “pedo.” False or not?

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Wow, lmfao. Ya'll are edgy when I put thoughts of places. Ya'll are really edgy. Also, geo-location doesn't work. You need to go deeper.
I said the UK and he put my geo-location, lmfao. Oh boy, some edgy people.