Here are a few suggestions!

Doctor Doom

Now before the staff read this, remember I appreciate all your work for this chat. You are respected and amazing.🧡

1. A secret 404 page that has a secret button that initiates a game when you press it.

2. Mascots are a fun way to welcome a person in a chat. Take Wumpus on dis.cord, for example.

3. Customizable pets/characters that show on someone's profile, helps understand the person more.

4. A fix-up on the (do not disturb status). Make it so that users don't get dms when on the status.

5. Seasonary updates! Have the chat (depending on the season) decorated with all aspects of the current season you are in! Example: Snowflakes for winter, sun for summer, etc.

6. Commands for the radio, such as /play (your song). And once the command is initiated, the song will play for the user who requested the song only.

*Possibly, when entering the command, nobody will see the command in the chat and the song will just initiate alone.

7. Self-Friend-To-Add: Don't you just hate random friend requests? Why keep getting them when you can change up the settings? If you put the settings for "Self-Add" on, people cannot add you as a friend and only you can add people as a friend with that setting on.

8. Limited profile viewing: This is a way of limiting who views the profile of the person.

*Example: If I have limited profile viewing on to "friends", only my friends will see my profile, but if I have limited profile viewing off, everyone sees my profile.

*This can help with dealing with blocked users or pedophiles.

. A "topic" bot, that has its own room, and initiates on command. If I type, for example, /topic, the bot will generate a question such as, "Have you ever eaten a hotdog?"

*The bot may or may not have a cooldown, depends on if the staff want it to have a cooldown.

10. Reply-able messages on main chat are the best way to organize who you are talking to.

There can be two people on chat asking the same user a question. The user may say yes, but nobody will know who he/she said yes to.

Thanks for reading! 💗🧡💛💚💙💜

Also happy pride month to everyone celebrating! 💗🧡💛💚💙💜
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