Another 10 Very Useful Pieces Of Advice

Doctor Doom

1. Be happy. Always. The reason why is because when you are sad, your body releases chemicals that cause depression, and possibly death.

*It is okay to cry- just don't be sad all the time and find happiness in the things you love.

2. Never touch electric fields or electric wires, they can kill you.

3. Have love and give love, have mercy and give mercy, have hope and give hope.

4. When a plane is about to crash, do the B.R.A.C.E Position, it can literally save your life.

5. Imagining, discovered by scientists, is proven to keep you more healthier and increase your life expectancy.

6. Tsunami? Don't worry, go down to a basement below sea level / or run away from beaches or beach-sides.

7. Flood? Relax, lock all doors in your home and barricade all basement doors, hopefully by midnight the flood will go away.

8. Crumbled your leg? Use a stick and put slippers on to relieve you of the pain of walking with a broken leg.

9. Have leftovers of fruit you wanna throw away? Don't throw your food away in the bin(smh who does that). If the leftovers are, for example, the crust of a watermelon, or the seedy part of the apple, or banana peels, that can be HIGHLY useful for trees! Dig a hole, using a shovel of course, under a tree and place the leftovers there, the tree will inject the vitamins from them and use them for their benefit. The result of the leftovers will be left as a way to make fertile land.

*They can also be used for chickens, as chickens love leftovers.

10. Keep track of where you are going around the city, if you ever get kidnapped and run away, you can remember the city's places and go back home easily.