6 hour kick for nothing


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you're the one who came in- you want to know what happened? I said go read the forum in kidschat.net- it's a closed thread- my username there- FoxHunt. search for it since you want to know
I will, and Im here just bcs i dont want sth like this to happen.


I did not say you have no evidence. I am just saying that everything happens for a reason, and you did not provide evidence why he decided to do this. Again, an explanation is no reliable evidence.
I said you said it as if-------and again I'll say- an explanation will do in this case because there are people who've known him to get like this over the room. and I know a bunch of ppl who know that from both sites. so yes. it will suffice for me. what can I do anyways? you cant expect me to have a screenshot of everything. when he got mad. I didn't foresee(well actually I did a little) but I didn't think it'd get to this extent. What you're saying is that the explanation is not enough. And I tell you that I know people who have witnessed it. in a case like this witnesses are very considerable. and even without them my explanation still stands.
Lets even go with what you're saying- a scenario sort of.. if I do agree that the explanation's not enough- what I've clearly shown him doing. in fact like I said I haven't even shown all my screenshots of him as it is. even if you won't take the explanation- these are enough to say something. but then- yes- what I can give and what I've given is reliable