20 Very Useful Peices Of Advice!

Doctor Doom

1- Never ask a woman her age. It's rude.

2- Anyone sus in your dms? Ask them: "Hello, I am *y/n*, Do I know you? If we never met, why did you come into my dms?"

3- Never judge the book by the cover

4- Never tell an angry person to calm down. That only makes them angrier ( i know that isnt a word quote my grammar later lol )

5- Makeup doesn't make you beautiful, you make you beautiful

6- You can tell someone is lying when they speak in front of you if they move their parts of their body to unnessecary places.

7- Shoes can be used as reusable flower pots, that is, if you plant them correctly.

8- Carrots help improve eyesight

9- If you ever need a good name for something, go into Google translate and take the word that resembles your job and turn it into your name:
Examples: LEGO => Play Well, Vsauce (originally Viisus) => Wisdom

10- Always start your conversation with a smile and a comforting message, example: "Hello! <3"

11- Go the right way, and try your best to lead everyone going the other way

12- Intelligence isn't defined by grades, it's defined by experience

13- Always tip the waiter

14- Don't you ever pass by a homeless person and not give him some spare change. If you don't have change to give, take a walk with him or see what you two can do for fun.

15- Insist joining communities that help the needy. UN programs (MUN) and NGOs (Red Cross) do a lot of change. Being in one is a good thing you should do.

16- Not everyone you meet online is their true self, be aware of who you're talking to.

17- Don't put your real face as your pfp, as you will most likely get doxxed.

18- Believe in the dream, always

19- Theres a difference between the singer and the song. Don't simply judge the singer because of the song and don't judge what the song is because of the singer.

20- When you're older, invest on solar panels, as you'll save a lot of money when you grow up because of how long these things stay and because of the fact that yo won't get power-fees